Creative WritingI am a show developer, story editor, and scriptwriter for children’s animated television. I write/edit bibles, scripts, springboards, and outlines. I specialize in serialized character and story driven cartoons. In my recent employment I’ve been involved in voice casting and recording as well. I have equal creative and executive skills which allow me to balance all needs of successful production.

I was previously a storyboard artist and producer in video games. I am an avid musician and traveler. I mentor high school and college students as well as young animation professionals. I have two teenage children and have been married to an animation director for almost 25 years.

I grew up in the city of San Francisco and benefited from many privileges. Having seen the direction of tv animation over many years, I have come to realize that my best skill is mentoring and guiding the development and production of shows envisioned by younger and less experienced creators who have a fresh distinctive point of view. It is my privilege now to support these younger talents so their stories may be heard around the world.

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About the little yellow camperWork

This camper is a Scamp, domestically manufactured in 1978. These campers can still be purchased new. I bought the camper about 4 years ago and my husband Clay and I (with the help of our kids) renovated it, keeping as much of it original as possible. However, we quickly outgrew the Scamp after a couple of years of camping in it, so recently it was converted to my office studio. Working in a small space has actually been very conducive to creative work!